Monday, October 30, 2006

The Aftermath of Hurricane Home Depot...

It's been awhile, but I took some pictures of how our family room turned out post- Home Depot Leakage.

Sorry - so fuzzy - but I can't seem to take a pic with a digital camera! I'm digitally-impaired!  Anyway - here's the famous Harry Potter wall - minus HP3 (it got wet - had to be reframed - three times).  Dig the new track lighting and furry pillows that Harry picked out!  Oh - and the wall color - "Decadance"!!!

This one's a longer shot and you can see the display cases to the right of the picture.  Those cases are filled with Harry's most precious commodity:  Simpson's figurines!

On the wall opposite my Harry Potter shrine is the odd fireplace and the Blenko fish ( we have a whole school of 'em!).  If you look carefully up the stairs - you'll see our Jim Davis signed Garfield prints mounted on the wall!  We do love our pop culture!

A better fireplace shot - and a bit of our 60" cornea-searing television:

Happy Halloween Eve!



tenyearnap said...

I love the wall color!!!!!!!!

oddb0dkins said...

When you take a pic, push the shutter button down halfway then pause for a second. This allows the autofocus to do its thing. Hope that helps. B. x

dpoem said...

It always amazes me what you hillbillies can do with your doublewides.   tee-hee-hee...  

So, when I come and visit, is that the couch I'll be crashing on, or will you make me sleep outside?


princesssaurora said...

I love it!  Good thing you like pop culture, I see a future of the room being decorated with Fisher Price and Playschool!

be well,

ravenjuiced said...

Is that vent above the fireplace an air intake? That's a great idea, take the heat generated there and use it around the house. Very cool.


h0llyk911 said...

Yup - that's a vent and a blower! AND - if you squint and try real hard - you can make out the air hockey  table in one of the other rooms. Air Hockey tables are great for stacking crap on!  :)   Like a treadmill!