Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Caution - Schooling May Cause Brain Damage!

My fingers rested on the keys of my trusty HP laptop.  The screen was glowing before me, a Word document filled with a header, my name and the date.  I was ready to assault the page and spew intellectual verbage with skill and ease. 

I spent thirty minutes on the first paragraph.

I spent another thirty staring.

Forty more, and I closed my laptop with a huff and tossed it to the end of the bed.  I was hungry, tired, and sick of summarizing articles that made no sense to me the first, second, or third time I read them.

My eyes crossed, and my brain followed suit.  I was annoyed and flustered, frustrated and on the verge of tears.  So I did what any girl would do in my situation.

I picked up my cell and dialed.  "Um, hello?  Yes, I'd like to order a Happy Meal.  With Fries.  And a coke.  Yes. Thank you."

"No onions?"  my hubby said with a smile behind his tired voice.

"Yes, please," I snivelled.

"Okay - I'll be back in a few."  And with that I could hear him bound up the stairs, leaving behind his tv filled with quarterbacks and centers and terminology of which I can not follow and traipsed out the front door.

I'm a lucky gal, I thought to myself as my knight in shining McArmor returned and handed me a tiny white bag.   Ohh - and a Barbie princess doll, too!   

Moral of the story:  School can wait if there are happy meals present.  :)


gazker said...

Ooooooooooo, that was strange. I went to put a comment on your blog and it asked for me to sign in before I did it. Oh well, now for the comment...........
Did ya realy have to ask for a Happy meal? What's wrong with an organic tofu salad with alfalfa sprout punch? Failing that, Burger King...........
I hate Mc Donalds!!!

rebuketheworld said...

totally...the smell of french fries will stop me from doing anything constructive...-Raven

princesssaurora said...

What a wonderful prince charming!  McD's delivery!!  Yay!!!!

be well,
ps... makes up for that able to sleep thru anything thing... Good boy, Harry!