Monday, October 16, 2006

"And how was YOUR weekend?"

Here are tidbits from my weekend, for your making-fun-of-me enjoyment:

1.  I ran over to watch Gillian, my niece, for a few hours on Friday morning so that Summer and Mommy Dearest could go run an errand.  Seeing as how having children has been on my mind more than ever lately, I gazed upon my sweet, elmo-clad niece and asked her: "Gilly - would you like a cousin?"  I smiled at her and watched in horror as her tiny face screwed up to resemble a purple raisin. "Nooooooooooooooooooooo!  Noooooooooooo!  Aghhhhhh!  Noooooooooooooo!"   I'm taking this as a sign.

Of the apocolypse.

2.  Arriving at the outlets on Friday evening, Harry and I scour the Williams Sonoma store until we come up with two wooden slotted spoons, a cookbook about vanilla and two jars of vanilla beans (I like to make my own ice cream on occassion). While waiting to check out we notice that the cashier is on the phone.  I hate this.  I hate when people call a store and demand that an employee run around like a chicken with its head cut off looking for a duvet cover, or a throw pillow or something that was in some ad at some time.  Get off your fluffy deirierre and come down to the damn store and get it yourself!  So I left.  I went outside and left Harry to deal with this squat woman with bad hair.  He tried to joke with her when she hung up the phone :  "Thank you for calling Pottery Barn where you can shop from home!"  He smiled at her.  She handed him his change and handed him a bag.  "Well, she had personality," he snarked when he met me outside.  "I was getting mad, I had to leave before I smacked her with a discounted, slightly damaged table and then ask her politely to get off the f'n phone!" I said.  "I kinda wish you would have," Harry said, peering into our bag of $20 treasures and perhaps wondering if we'd been "retail raped."

3.  In Columbus I found a perfect-if-not-slightly-inaproppriate bridesmaid's dress.  It's black (obviously) and really low cut and then has a peep out that shows off my rounded tummy.  I'm covering the peep hole.  Or coloring my skin with a black magic market.  Whichever's easier! 

4.  We headed to "Filene's Basement" which, for those of you not in the know, is a place where one can buy designer duds for a discounted price.  Jones of New York, Coach, Kate Spade, BCBG - everything is there and marked with a large yellow sticker.  Love it.  We walked out with a set of pink Victorinox luggage for Harry's grandmother (for next summer's Hawaii trip - the sequel) and a pair of Blue and clear jelly heels by Kate Spade for me.  Yes - you read that right.  Jelly heels. And they're damn cute. 

5.  We arrived home late Saturday night ( a full day earlier than expected) to find a house so cold you could hang meat in it.   I rushed to the bedroom, worried I was to find Phoebe frozen solid to her little purple food bowl.  I then cranked the heat to 75 degrees, slept for four hours before I woke up in the midst of a heat stroke.  I looked over to find both Harry and Phoebe, spread-eagle, on top of the red comforter.   Sighing, I got up, turned off the space heater, the electric blanket and turned down the thermostat and flipped on the fan.  An hour later I was awakened by a cat wanting to be petted and a cold hubby wanting to cuddle.

Okay - so nothing really exciting happened - but I had a great time and am now planning for my 6/07 trip to Hawaii!  I'm so excited! Earthquakes be damned!




cheshirecat578 said...

Babies are great. Have one, or two.... Look at it this way, it will give you another reason to go shopping! Maternity clothes, baby clothes, baby stuff in general...I'm also using it as an excuse to eat all the crappy things that I know I shouldn't, but the BABY really wants the nutella and peanut butter sandwich....

princesssaurora said...

Oooh a trip to Hawaii... the perfect time to make a baby!

be well,

rusrhi said...

Hey I'm tagging you! Stop by my journal and find out the details.

gazker said...

3 things.............
1, I cant believe you ran over Gillian, lololol
2 I just lurveeeee the pottery barn, my fav home store in the U.S.
3 Do you realy leave the cats feeding bowl in your bedroom?

Your J's just crack me up!!!

tenyearnap said...

Okay, what the heck are jelly heels? Photos needed, please.

rebuketheworld said...

Retail rape...LMAO..your soooo funny....I cant wear Jelly shoes..I already went through that years ago..I refuse to go back in