Friday, July 21, 2006

What's Yours is Mine and What's Mine is Mine...

"Five Things" - I stole this from Dan who stole it from Cindy. We're just one big happy internet kleptomaniac family....

Five Things in My Refrigerator:

1. A teeny bottle of 2% milk that expired. Last month.

2. Eggs. (see note above). I'm scared to throw them out. I'm worried about  accidentally stink bombing myself.

3. Bleu Cheese Dressing. I always have this. It's a staple. Like milk and eggs.

4. Sprite, Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, Coke, Bottled Water, Caffeine-free Pepsi, Pepsi and Orange Sunkist. Oh - and an ancient Red Bull that Tiffany gave me to try and I just - well - haven't.

5. Cheese. Like Dan I have TONS of cheese in my fridge. But, alas, my tastes are more simple: Block-o-sharp cheddar, Cheddar slices, Pepperjack slices, shredded parmesean, and, of course, cream cheese.

Five Things in My Closet:

1. A stain of dried cat puke that I just recently found. Thanks, Pheobe. Ya Hairball...

2. Purses. Lots of them. Tons of them. I'm a bit embarressed - but over 100 denominations of leather and canvas and vinyl by: Coach, Dooney and Bourke, Louis Vuitton, My Flat in London, Kate Spade and so too many others to name...

3. Shoes. Lots of them. So many pairs that Amelda herself would swoon. I love my Coach shoes, my Kate Spades (to match the purses!) and Jimmy Choos and Manolos and Stevens! Oh my! So MANY HIGH HEELED LOVELIES!!!

4. Ahem. There's also a name tag from my reunion stuck to the wall. I'm smiling like an idiot and look vaguely like a well-manicured cousin It in my high school picture that's so convieniently glued to the tag.

5. A closet floor. I'm sure it's in there. I just haven't seen it in quite some time...

Five Things in My Purse:

1. A brown umbrella, again, from Coach, with tiny little c's all over it.

2. Big Red Gum. It keeps me from diving, face-first, into the candy bowl. Why is the candy bowl always on the fat girl's desk? Hmmmm?

3. Pill Case. Filled with all the lovely things that a gal needs to survive a tedious, mind-numbing job that drives her to the brink of babbling inchoherently on a daily basis: Tylenol, Midol, and Tums. Oh yeah....

4. Kate Spade Organizer filled with unorganized papers, receipts, doctor cards and pretty peices of plastic with my hubby's name on them. Heh heh.

5. Orange floppy disc. I'm still trying to write the "Great American Novel." Right now I'd settle for writing - period.

Five Things in My Vehicle:

1. Three dvd cases of Paula Deen's Foodnetwork show to watch on my lunch hour. Along with a season of Family Guy, Red v. Blue and Smallville. I like my variety during my meals.

2. Napkins. Lots of 'em. If I'm eatin' it - I'm wearin' it.

3. An Xbox with lots of games and emulaters. For when I feel like a little Old School Super Mario Brothers with my Wendy's Cheeseburger.

4. The middle section of my dvd player. Don't ask. it's too tragic to tell...

5. An electric stapler, a ball with two paddles and a tiara. Again - Don't ask.



tenyearnap said...

I am not at all surprised by the tiara in your vehicle.

princesssaurora said...

Oh no... you must explain the tiara.  I am a blonde princess of sorts as well, but I currently do not own a tiara....must find out about yours and attempt to get my own!!

be well,