Monday, July 17, 2006

Reunion Rants and Sycophants

Is it wrong that I'm sitting here contemplating calling up my doc and scheduling gallbladder surgery just to have a bonafide excuse to take time off of work? That's horrible - isn't it?

On to other, more blogworthy things.

My Ten Year Reunion was this past weekend.

Yes - you read that right. I'm just happy to have survived.

And as I sit here in my depressing little office I find that I can barely muster the needed energy to blog about the festivities that ensued during the reunion. It was nice to see that some people hadn't changed. It was funny to see how much others had. My kindergarten boyfriend was there. And he was looking very much the part of a yummy tasty tidbit - and I was beyond horrified to learn that he left with a surgically-enhanced tartlet when the night came to a close. He is forever tainted in my mind. It's sad.

Other than that - everyone seemed happy and married, or re-married or happily single - but it seems that my class was one of immense breeders. I would place a safe bet that 80% of my alumni have spawned. I've yet to decide if that's a good thing.

Sunday was the picnic - also known as the day my face melted off and my hair exploded into flames from the heat. I didn't even venture out to attack others with my awesome badminton skills. I was ready to smack me some shuttlecocks - but it was too hot. I chose to sit - as still as possible - under the shelter and pray for time to fly by.

And now - it's Monday. The reunion is over. My hubby is in the air, flying in a metal tube towards Texas. And my self-imposed book deadline is hurtling towards me like a bullet. And since I made the gun - I guess that makes me suicidal.

Ew. I take that back. I think I have more homicidal tendancies than suicidal.

Like the fact that my motion to shorten the phone greeting back to two names instead of five was dismissed with a flippant comment and a veiled threat.

I've yet to hone my "killing with my brain" skills - but whoo buddy, when I do...

:) Happy MONDAY!



princesssaurora said...

LOL... how about using the lawyers initials.. like 'Thank you for calling K,S,S, W and M, how can I help you?'  Try that at the next meeting!

With a criminology degree....can't you get a cool job at a police dept???

be well,

nonojean3 said...

It's probably a good thing you didn't play badminton... my mom always said nothing good can come from playing with shuttlecocks.

dpoem said...

Zounds!  My twenty year reunion was just this past weekend.  Obviously, I didn't go.  But, I understand the whole event was poorly planned as a result of our senior-class President is now serving a lot of hard-time for rape and child pornography.  Even the class secretary has entered rehab for her cocaine addiciton.  


tenyearnap said...

Hey, nonojean, it is okay to play with a shuttlecock if you put a condom on it first.

dpoem said...

Helmet your shuttlecock...