Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Training Wheels

I hate training people to do my job. It's not a hard job. I don't have hundreds of extensions and codes to remember. I don't have to do much of anything except sit on my butt and attempt to look presentable from the waist-up as that's all that's visible.

Still - I loathe training. I suck at it.

We just hired (at least I think we did - I'm not sure) a new secretary. She seems nice enough. Recently married. Sweet husband. Occassionally she reeks of smoke - but I digress.

Me: "So you pick up the phone and say all those name right there that I've conveniently taped to the top of the phone, okay?"

Her: "I don't think I can pronounce half of them."

Me: "It's okay - they're not listening to you, anyway. Then you put the call on 'Park' - don't push 'Hold' or it will tie up your phone and you can't answer any other calls- so you put it on 'Park', hang up, push 5 and then page. Got it?"

Her: "I'm gonna get nervous."

Me: "I hung up on people all the time. They got used to it - they called back."

Her: "I need a cigarette."

Me: "I figure."

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