Friday, July 21, 2006

Welcome to my (Wierd/Strange/Odd) Life.

My high school sweetie just called me.

To get my address.

So he can mail me an invitation.

To his wedding.

Next Saturday.

Okay - that in itself is strange, right?

But is it even more weird that not only am I going - but am racking my brain wondering what to get him and his new bride? AND that I feel no qualms about attending his nuptials?

Lemmie give ya'all the background on this ex-beau: We met as Juniors but didn't formally "date" until we were both Seniors. Apparently he had a crush on me (delusions of grandeur - I'm sure) and called me. We talked for four hours. It was puppy love at first ring.

Insert plot twists and other icky things, here.

Fast forward three years.

We're breaking up in a spectacular fashion.

It's another woman/mangirl.

I figure out that being single AND in college is hellah fun and even get to make out with my ultra-lust-object (who was quickly put back on his pedestal after a serious of disastrous dates) and even went to some - bars.

Insert horrible dating experiences and mind-numbingly boring retail job involving - shoes.

I started dating Harry - a sweet, loving guy who didn't care about my over-sized butt or mouth and who - likes to snuggle.

My ex calls me soon after I found this Dating Mecca of Nirvana and tells me that he and "other woman" and divorcing (yup - they got MARRIED).

She totally cheated on him.

Now, many years and in-depth conversations later - we're friends. I continue to be to civil to him and he continues to maintain my air conditioner for free.

Works for me.

So - I should get 'em a toaster? A bread maker? A gadget that is cool to have but never used like a waffle stick maker?


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princesssaurora said...

Interesting... I would go to the ceremony...pass on the reception and not do a gift at all...

be well,