Monday, July 31, 2006

The Odd Couple.

I sometimes think that my dear, sweet, devoted, loving, caring and nurturing hubby has - well - control issues.

Saturday night we are sitting patiently in the darkened movie theater for "Clerks 2".  Adjusting the center arm so that maximum snuggles are achieved I grab my cherry icee and start to stir the contents to better situate the juice. 

"Uh - what're you doing?"  Harry stiffens.

"I'm, uh - what?"  I wonder if I've accidentally racked him while snuggling.  It's one of the hazzards of dating an accident-prone woman.  He should really invest in a good cup.

"Why're you stirring it?"  He points to my icee with his free hand. 

"I -"  Stopping I sit up and turn to face him.  "I think I know how to eat an icee, thank you very much."

He burst out laughing and tried to grab it from me to prevent any more ill-timed stirrage.  "No! You don't!  You don't know how to eat an icee!  You can't stir it before the juice is all gone from the bottom!"

I continue to stir in slow, torturing circles.

"You're doing it wrong!" he yells in fits of laughter.

"Yup."  I say and place my lips on the straw.  "And it tastes sooooo good!"

I didn't give him too much hell for it - after all - I did get the cutest Tiffany's trinket from him (that's my neck in the picture above!).

However, I don't know if I'm going to be able to resist doing things "wrong" on purpose just to mess with his over-calculating brain.  Like eating a pizza backwards, or stapling on the right hand corner, or parting my hair on the wrong side, or even - just for giggles - switch the sides of his entertain tower and put the games on the right side and the television seasons on the other! OH! What hilarity would ensue!  ahahahha





tenyearnap said...

Oooh....aaaaah....sparkly! But not as romantic as would be his own cut off ear.

pippa1116 said...

great gift!