Friday, May 12, 2006

Waking Up on the Wrong Side...

I rolled over in bed this morning, shoved the cat/pillow out of my fuzzy view and smacked the alarm clock.

7:15 it glowed at me, rather obnoxiously.

My first thought on this glorious, dreary, rainy, wet, miserable day?  "Sh*t!" 

I had exactly forty minutes to get up, get ready and get the heck outta dodge.  So I sat in the floor of my bathroom in front of the shower door mirror while a pudgy Himalayan pawed at my backside. 

I applied eyeliner - and felt a poke as Phoebe massaged my left butt cheek.

A sweep of translucent powder (it's cooling - too cool!) - and Phoebe tenderly swatted my right butt cheek.

Jumping up, I run to find a shirt to wear - and there's Phoebe - in mid making-out bliss - with my new hairbrush!  I had searched for months to find the perfect combo of blow-drying and anti-static paddle brush and there she was - rubbing on it like some furry harlot!    This is how she stole my last perfect brush.  Hussy

I wrestle it away from her, wipe it free from drool and then watch as she looks at me with huge, sad, blue eyes.  At this point I know I have two options:  Give in and deal with the cat drool (it could be pomade-ish...) or don't give in and find something else for her to carnally delight in... so... I pulled open the drawer and gave her my old "perfect brush." 

She sniffed it, looked at me, huffed and walked off - tail high in the air.

Yeah... that's my cat...

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