Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Needy me...

I just saw a survey over on Myspace that said "Go to Google; type your name and 'needs' and see what  pops up."

Curious - I did it.

And this is what came up:

Holly needs some more details to fireup her own fantasies.

Which is pretty darn funny on its own, but this was next:

 Holly needs both male and female plants for maximum berry production.

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tenyearnap said...

I ended up with "Cindy needs a camper van..." and "Cindy needs a national forum to tell her story" and "Cindy needs some good ol' Texas hospitality such as some poison oak right on a fire ant bitten rear." Of course, these reference peace activist Cindy Sheehan. I took a look at the horrible things that are being said about this woman and believe me the "fire ant" thing is mild in comparison. Hateful, ugly stuff. I'd be afraid to leave my house of I had a fraction of this Rage directed at myself. Sheehan must be a very brave woman.