Friday, May 5, 2006

Ding Dong, the Bitch is Gone

So while I was gone to yet another Doctor's appointment to figure out why my side hurts so friggin' badly - there was - DRAMA- at my office.

And I missed it.

Anyhoo - apparently the runner, he of big-hat-wearing fame left for lunch and didn't come back.  The big wigs here noticed that he was MIA at about - um - let's see three o'clock!  How funny is that?!  I'm up outta my chair for two mins and there are APB's on my location - he leaves and is gone for hours on end and no one notices!  Whatever!

So the office manager calls him at home - he says "Yeah, I quit."   Eloquent, huh?

And how cowardly is that?! He just left - no notice, no reasons, no warning - just POOF - gone.

And I couldn't be happier.

The guy was a real dote.  The kind of person who makes sure you know that they know EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING.  In the short time he "worked" here (his work ethic was worse than mine - and I didn't think that was possible) he told me he was a landscaper, a bartender, an army man, a farmer, a mechanic, a car fabricater, an animal tamer, a cattle trader, a horse purchaser, and a big ol' asshole.  That last part I figured out for myself when he didn't return emails and walked in and out of here like he was God's gift to the legal profession.

Needless to say. I didn't like him very much.

So - you'd think today would be a joyous day, a day of partying and celebrating and happiness, right?  Nope, the office is eerily quiet.  I'm thinking of getting on the loudspeaker and initiating a rousing chorus of "YMCA!"  but I think only half would even know the words.



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nonojean3 said...

A couple weeks ago someone was fired at my job and I completely understand the eerie quiet.  Everyone just sat at their desks with post-traumatic stress.