Friday, May 19, 2006

"Workin' 9-5, What a Way to Make a Living..."

It's funny, really.

Just when I think that I'm not a peon, not some insignificant peice of employee dirt that is best unseen by incoming clientele, I get an implication - full-faced: "You mean nothing."

"And straighten the damn rug."



tenyearnap said...

And here comes The Mint Hand...snap snap, girly...Mint now!
:( I'll be making a special trip to Yahoosville, WV just to SLAP that guy for you. (Don't they make X-Lax Mints?)

dpoem said...

Damn the man!  

Next time, straighten that rug while the dim-witted asshat is standing on it.  Then, roll the bastard up in it, and take it outside to beat the dust out of it.  Then, after after a thorough beating, invite twelve of your friends to piss on it and then send it out to be dry-cleaned.


dpoem said...

Oh.  One more thing, Holly.  The colors!  My god!  They're burning my eyes!  Yellow...  white...  purple...  it hurts...  IT HURTS!!!  *whimper*