Friday, May 5, 2006

Things I Will NEVER Do Again.

And this is just from today:

1.  Wear a low cut shirt while:  eating a muffin, drinking water (spillage) or ordering Mexican food.  It's just wrong.

2.  Get a DQ Freeze after lunch.  My teeth are pink and it looks like I'm chugging frozen Pepto.

3.  Paint my toes gold.  Foxy Cleopatra wants her bling back.

4.  Try to talk humanely with lawyers (excluding a few and you know who ya are!).

5.  Match my purse to my undies.  I've just come to find out - this is weird.  (And they're purple  - in case you wondered)

 I'm trying to write a query letter to an agent.  I would like to add this to the list of things I never will do again - but considering I can't even find enough creativity in my little pinky to come up with a smart, intelligent, quirky and to-the-point letter - I figure this will be added to the list of things I "Never Did and Kinda Tried" to do.

If anyone has any tips, pointers or tequila - all are welcomed!



dpoem said...

Query letters can be fun, I s'pose.  

You could put down that you will never again clean your guns in church, on a train, or while waiting in line for the next available teller.  


tenyearnap said...

1. Always wear low-cut shirts...for every occasion. You just need a bib, Muffin Crumbler.
2. I told you what I ate for lunch yesterday so I can no longer openly abhor your poor nutrition habits.
3. Ever try to paint your whole foot? It gets itchy really fast.
4. If you buy everthing in black or pink, then you're always coordinated.