Monday, May 15, 2006

Divine Intervention?

Driving down Third Avenue this morning, cursing my choice of white socks with brown pants and shoes, I notice a billboard that reads:  "Does Government Have the Right to Change God's Words?" 

Being the cynic I am, I scoffed and turned my head to the right, away from the religious billboard and began to ponder the true meaning of "seperation of church and state" when it happens.

I look at the person in the little blue car next to me.

It's a nun.  An honest-to-goodness-wearing-a-habit-on-her-cute-little-head NUN!

Is this a sign?  Or is it a Divine Answer to the billboard?  Or is it just funny?

I'm not sure  - but I'm taking Fourth Avenue from now on - just in case...



nonojean3 said...

was she driving a volkswagon?
everytime i see a nun she's driving a volks.

summersnow1221 said...

oh my GO--ummm, goodness!!
could u tell if the nun had read the sign? was she sitting there smug and satisfied that someone was finally takin a public stand on such matters? or was she too busy looking at you in horror and crossing herself? bc of the whole multi-diamond wearing SUV-driving  worldy-goods-owning look u had goin on??
even better: due to the fact that you were staring at her with your unlipsticked ( i know you dont put it on till you get in the parking lot IF you even bother) mouth agape and your beautiful emerald eyes perfectly mascared as they were, were no doubt buggin outta yer head--did the nun flip you off???  oh that would have been sooooo funny!!!