Tuesday, February 7, 2006

To Suck, or not to Suck, That is the Question...

"Remember to always be yourself. Unless you suck." --- Joss Whedon.


Well, doesn't that just say it all.

I read this quote, laughed and then went : "Wait. DO I suck?" And I guess, yeah, I kinda do. I have become one of those perpetually peppy people who are seemingly high on life as they flit from one project to another. Lemmie just list my projects that I have attempted in the past year or so and have failed spectacularly at:


1. Crochet. I tried, I gave up. I retried, still managed to make some of the most colorful bookmarks you have ever laid your eyes upon. Were supposed to be scarves.

2. Needlepoint. I did one half of one side of one pillowcase. TA-DA!

3. Fiction. 20,000 words of pure, undiluted CRAP.

4. Poetry. Shel Silverstien, I am not.

5. Painting. I figured out a bit too late that naked canvases scare the holy bejeezus outta me.

6. Sodoku. Oh this is fun! For about five minutes. Yawn.

7. Pilates. I'm chubby. Not bendy. I think my powerhouse is a mobile home.

8. Cartooning. Three pages of half-drawn sketches later and I find that my witty banter falls, stalls and hits the walls when I try to illustrate it.

9. Guitar. Bug-eyed guy has freaked me out. This one, though, has not beaten me... yet...

10. Bellydancing. My snake arms look like Anacondas that have eaten large goats - whole. I'm working on it! Figure eight! Figure eight!

11. I have yet to try: knitting (a bit scared of a repeat bookmark incident), making my own pasta (yum, wallpaper paste!), and photography (my hubby is very protective of our digital cameras. All three of them.)


So - if you have a hobby I should try, lemmie know! I am up for trying anything - twice!


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tenyearnap said...

There's still the tomatoes...