Thursday, February 16, 2006

I love you long time, please by my Valentine!

Tuesday night on our way to a romantic dinner for two in Charleston, Harry looks over at me. His face is illuminated by the passing cars and his eyes shine with pure joy and love.

Or so I thought.

"I wanna buy you a Valentine." He says to me, holding my hand in that too-tight way that he's prone to do.

"Well, that's sweet... Now that it's the 14th and they're marked half off." I say back to him, smiling broadly so that he'll still pay for my 11oz Filet Mignon.

"Huh?" he looks confused. Uh-oh. Did I use too many big words? Did I use a non-techie term? Quick, Holly! Say something technical! Motherboard!Sound card! Power Inverter! Head Unit! DVDA! Wait, that's not - huh- heh- heh - never mind...

"Valentine's are half-off right now, sweetie, and that's okay. You can just buy me dinner, instead!" I patted his hand after wrestling my fingers away from his grip.

"No - a Valentine. Valentine One? The Radar Dector?" he said in a "DUH!" voice.

Oh. Silly me.

"Yeah, that'd be nice... Not that I'd speed-" he cut me off.

"So when I take your car over the next few months, ya know, so I won't put miles on my Denali, I'll have it!" He said with glee.

And who said Romance is dead?


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