Thursday, February 2, 2006

More Stupid Conversations with Stupider People

I could answer the phone: "Good day! Thank you for calling 'Pitsohell', can I interest you in pitch fork up the ass?" and no one would pay any more attention than they do now...

ME: "Good Morning, blah, blah, blah and more blah!"

LADY: "Yes, tomorrow is my daughter's birthday and I always ship a bunch of roses to her to work to celebrate and how much are your roses per dozen?"

ME: "Roses? Ma'am all I've got is a bunch of lawyers, here."

LADY: "This isn't Spurlock's Flowers?"

ME: "No. But I'd be happy to ship all of the attorneys to you if you'd like!"

LADY : "Oh, no, no thank you!"

ME: "Hope your daughter has a happy birthday!"

LADY: "Oh, bless you! Oh, goodness! Oh,dear!"

ME:"Bye, ma'am."

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