Thursday, February 23, 2006

Mine's Vanilla - all the way..

While my sister was in we decided to go for ice cream.

"Wanna get a milkshake?"  I asked which prompted her to immediately go into a very horrible dance rendition of "My milkshake's better than yours!"  

Trying to be funny, I popped my chubby hip out, puckered up my lips and said:  "Nuh-uh, Girrrrrrrl, 'cuz I's lactose intolerant!" 

I failed.

Summer looked at me.  Stared with those big hazel eyes of hers.  "What?" 

"Ya know," I said, "Your, um, milkshake can't be better, 'cause I'm, um, allergic. Or something."

She snorted with laughter and then ran to tell all of my lame attempt at a joke. 

This just proves that my "milkshake" is not better than hers.

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