Thursday, February 23, 2006

Feeling Cagey

My desk at work is shaped like a horseshoe (without the "lucky" attributes, of course). I have rows of drawers on either side of me and my computer is right in front. To my left is a bottom drawer filled with chocolate goodies, low-carb and low-sugar selections. To my right is the Wintergreen and Peppermint drawer.

One attorney here flies around the office at the speed of light until he feels the need for a mint, or a piece of candy (to refuel his sugar high? We may never know...). He then runs down the hallway, hair flying back in the stale recycled air of our office and flies behind me like a wasp on a mission. I hear the left drawer fly open and then the right and ZOOM he's gone.

Leaving me trapped.

Both my drawers are open, pinning me into my seat at my desk/prison cell! You can't tell me it's not deliberate!

Very tempted to set a trap for sticky-fingered lawyer man. Anybody got any mouse traps? Fly paper? "Kick Me" signs? Bear traps?

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