Sunday, November 5, 2006

Welcome to my Life - Can I have yours, instead?

My weekend started out bad and quickly accelerated into "really f'n bad" in a short time. 

1.  I found out that my paper that I had worked on and slaved over until I finally puttered out ten pages - was done completely wrong. 

2.  Friday I found out that Gillian was in the hospital with some crazy high fever and that they were leaning towards giving her a spinal tap - lucky for us - they didn't - but still - it was scary there for a bit.

3.  Stress levels reached an all-time high while at a shooting range on Saturday.  While trying to learn how to properly shoot a gun, I got the fleshy part of my finger caught in the action and commenced an immediate melt-down.  I immediatly had Harry to take me home and then begged and pleaded for him to take me to the local crazy house.  I wanted a penthouse suite at HCA - but decided against it when he told me that their sheets were less than 200 thread count. 

4.  I decided that at almost 30 years old - I was never going to learn how to use a (ALL MEN SKIP THE REST OF THIS ENTRY AND GO TO #5) tampon.  I tried it again and had the distinct and rather unpleasant feeling of having a piece of cotton jammed up my "no-no" region.   Sigh.   I have determined that I am the proverbial "old dog" who cannot be taught "new tricks." 

5.  Now, it's Sunday and I'm in my snug recliner and feeling anxious but a little less stressed since I'm slightly ahead on my Graduate Poetry class (can't work on it Thursday - I'm Bachlorette Party Bound!).  However, I'm a bit worried that I may get "tapped" again and my head is feeling a bit too exposed at the moment.

Here are some pics of Gillian from when she was feeling better last Tuesday, Halloween. She was supposed to be Tinkerbell or Strawberry Shortcake- instead - she looks like a "Naked Jedi" which morphed, later, into "The Streak." Boogedy, boogedy!:

Play that piano, Jedi Streaker!  :)

And when she was not feeling so well:

She's better now!  The fever is gone now - after three days...


So - here's hoping that this week - the week that marks my bud Stacey's last few days as a Sassy Singletong - will be fabulous.  If not - well - I think the nuthouse still has my reservations...




gazker said...

Gawd, not a good weekend and I still have to answer your mail. Pop over to my blog, there are a couple of jokes that may make you titter......... Nothing to do with tampons though............ Yewwwwwwwwww
Keep your chin up, remember you will write the new friends one day x

therealslimemmy said...

glad she is feeling better thank god they didnt give her a spinal tap i had one as a kid and IT WAS AWFUL!
sorry your paper was wrong : /
oh and have you tried using tampax pearl maybe start by trying the
you can dooo it :D
anyways have a good night i hope that it turns up for ya

psychfun said...

Man, how high was her fever. I took my niece to Ringling Bros circus & then to see the New Santa Claus movie & when we got home she had 101.6. Some meds & she was fine in the morning. Oh, on the tampon thing...if you feel it you don't have it far enough up! Sorry to be graphic but if it helps then it is worth it. Also my cop friends say it is great to use for gun shot wounds. Never thought of that but makes sense. As a prof I have to comment on the paper thing too. How did you find out you did it wrong? What did you miss before you wrote it? I always try to get my students to learn for next time so they don't make those mistakes again.

rebuketheworld said...

OH with five kids...plenty of memories at much worry..its amazing we live through it all.....and hey...I cant do tampons either....llol...I'm a modest pad gotta wonder how that word modest pad came into our English vocab..........I guess the stick em ups is for the adventure gal..LMAO....oh

princesssaurora said...

Awww the poor baby!  I have been there and done that, glad no tap.

Try tampax pearl, get the teen size... its the easiest to learn with...

be well,