Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I Am Not Responsible for My Actions...

If the powers-that-be would invent White Out - Life Edition - then I would've liked to have bought a bucket and slathered it on the day that was yesterday.

It started out with a rather uninspiring job interview where I was asked to work too many hours for insulting pay (having a college education does NOT a good job applicant, make!) and then went to work at my current crappy job (where I'm asked to do too much work for insulting pay).

I then had a "Conference" with my tiny-handed-Professor who informed me that I was to have brought print outs of my sources for the Graduate Proposal that I am working on for his class.  Even though he never mentioned this as being an important part of the conference  - I was expected to have it handy. 

I then told him that I was having issues finding articles and sources related to feminism critique and "Maggie" by Stephen Crane.  He scoffed and pulled up Marshall's webpage and started typing and clicking away.  Fifteen minutes later I was still staring at the back of his greasy head while he found one source.  Thanks for that, PhD man!  He then insinuated that I should find other sources on my own and to consider changing my topic and conference as well. Um, no

But around every dark, stormy cloud, there is a silver-plated lining.  This morning I opened my e-mail to find a note from my editor asking if I'd consider taking her Press Pass and do the cover story for the "We Are Marshall" movie premiere, should she not be able to attend.

I did a happy dance in my chair, came dangerously close to falling out of it, and then emailed her back, letting her know, in no uncertain terms - that I'd be happy to be the "Robin" to her "Batman"!

Wish me luck and stuff!



gazker said...

Awwwww Holly that sounds bad at least it was better than mine, the store I worked in caught fire and then because of all the water the Fire dept pumped in the roof caved in lolol on the ground floor............ That make ya feel better?
Gaz x

princesssaurora said...

Very cool!  Enjoy the movie and writing the review!

be well,

rebuketheworld said...


Do a word search there...its the land of feminism there....I have found some great articles..You can also post a comment in the members box...some people can write you with information .-Raven