Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Welcome, Welcome! To Another Year of Dorkiness!

Here's the thing : I'm a big dork. Now, I know you are sitting in your comfy computer chair, mouth agape, and completely shocked by this, but, it's true.

Case in point: Back in September asked people to send in entries for a t-shirt contest for Banned Books Week. Well, I was bored at work (surprised? didn't think so) so I slapped a design on paper and then mailed it off and forgot about it.

Yesterday, while perusing the site I noticed that they finally announced the winners - well - okay - I'll see what won - and - it was MEEEEEEEE! I was one of the three "chosen ones" that will be made into a tee for Ms. JK Rowling herself! Okay - so there is my dorkiness for all to see and poke fun at.

Please feel free to start doodling your own dandy and dangling "kick me" sign now....

Oh - and here's the link, if you're interested:

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