Friday, January 6, 2006

The List

Apparently, there is a book out there that sparked a debate amongst my friends:  Does a man really know within 30 days of the first date whether or not he wants to marry you?

I said "Hell, no.  Boys don't think that far ahead, and if they are planning ahead, it's just to reserve the newest game system, not to make a lifelong commitment."

So I asked my hubby - he's very opinionated and I was pretty sure he'd agree with me, which is always a plus!  So I shoot off an email and here is his response:

I knew I was in love with you b/f I went to texas and that was close to 30 days after we started going out. I also forgot the timeline of anything that happened b/f I proposed, it seems like we have always been either married or engaged :)

Well, huh.  That's a pleasant surprise!  Obviously he got mucho brownie points for being so sweet, however, they were immediately deducted due to him blatantly proving me wrong.  :)  Hee hee

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