Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Mr. Sandman! Bring me a dream!

Why do we let dreams effect us so much? Whether our slumbers leave us trembling from a blender hell-bent on making us into a people-smoothie or onewhere a masked stranger chases us down a dark alley, we still wake up with the same thought: that was too real. I have popped up in bed convinced that a spider was about to feast upon my face. I have flipped on the light at 3am ready to fight off the slimy demon that was trying to eat me like a tasty, meaty treat. But none of these dreams truly scare me like the ones about my family. I have dreamt that my niece was accidentally killed while tumbling down the stairs, I have woken up in a sweaty fit because we had accidentally buried my grandfather even though he wasn't really dead, and I have panicked in the wee hours of morning thinking that the love of my life was a zombie made of disentegrating hamburger.

Last night was the worst dream I've had while being married. Harry was leaving me. He was divorcing me. When I asked him "why?" He simply stated: "I want more than this." And, here's the worst part, I couldn't refute him. I knew he deserved better, so I sat down and cried. And woke up- and plastered myself to his sleeping form. Perhaps not the best idea in hindsight, but I woke him up and asked "are you happy?" He snored, rolled over, drooled a bit and said "yeah."

Good enough for me.

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summersnow1221 said...

oh my dearest lil sister!!  i cant believe you killed Gillian in your dram!! i wonder what that means...  Please! in my dreams, i have left her on top of the car, i forgot ehr in an elevator and sometimes i just cant plain find her.  But the scariest dream i ever had involving my baby girl was the "PEEK-A-BOO, I SEE YOUUUUUU!!!!"  
and as for the harry leaving you nightmare. well, i cant help but feel ike I have something to do w/ that.  Because my picture-perfect life fell apart you think yours will too. and i ahve included you in ever miserable detail of said life fallin apart.  
but you know harry will never leave you!!  not only does he adore  you,  his love and endless patience for our family and the endless drama is a direct reflection of his upstanding character!  
also, who else in the WHOLE WORLD would let him change a guest room in their fancy-pants 'mansion' into a room completely dedicated to CARTOONS!!!  you guys are perfect for eachother.  and its a good thing! no one else would have either of you!!!!  hahahahahahahah!! wow, this is a lOOOng comment!