Friday, January 20, 2006

If an Idiot Falls in the Woods....

ME: "Good afternoon! Blah, blah, blah and blah!"

HIM: "Yeah, was you the ones wantin' some trees cut?" Here we go again...

ME: "I'm sorry?"

HIM: "You just called me." Doubt it, and I've got the Freecell score to prove it.

ME: "Someone from this office called you?"

HIM: "Who is this?" Hey mister, YOU called ME?!

ME: "We're a law firm"

HIM: "What do ya do there?" Get people to sell their souls to us - oops I mean -

ME: "We, uh, practice law."

HIM: "Well, you was on my answering machine." Pretty sure I wasn't.

ME: "Did someone leave their name on your machine?"

HIM: "Someone called me from there." We've established that, dumbass.

ME: "Was this your answering machine or your caller ID?"

HIM: "Caller ID." Bingo! Dumbass! The one that talks is the ANSWERING machine, the one with the numbers on it is CALLER ID!

ME: "Well, I'm sure if it was important enough, they'll call back." They don't pay me enough for this shit...

HIM: "Okay."

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