Friday, January 13, 2006

Don't Forget to Duck...

I got my raise today.


I should have said "I got my 'raise' today."

Quotes, in this case are sorely needed due to the sheer patheticness of my "raise."

Let's put it this way - last years' $.25 looks like a freakin' gold bar compared to this.

They, too, decided to do away with evaluations. The time when you could sit down, one-on-one with the managing partner and listen as they tell you what you were doing right and what you needed improvement upon. I kinda liked it, for what it's worth. It was nice to hear that I was an awesome receptionist (which I'm not - so the sheer stupidity of the statement was enough to make me grin) and that clients liked me (which they do because I share their disdain in most things lawyer-related) and how I needed to stop socializing (yes, I talk too much - to myself! There's no one out here with me! DUH!). But now, they are not even giving us that! No one-on-one time. No "open door policy."






I have seen the glass ceiling of my office.

I can see my reflection in it if I squint and tilt my head just so.

Their reflection can not be seen; for they have no souls to reflect.

"Welcome to Hell, check your coat, hat and morals at the door. Thank you."

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tenyearnap said...

Once again: "How many lawyers does it take to shingle a roof?" Yes, you know the answer...