Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"An Ode to Avoiding Work" by Holly K.

I'm so bored that my toes are asleep,

they dozed off while counting some fluffy white sheep,

you can hardly blame them for catching some z's,

my life is quite boring, if not quite a breeze.


I sit at a desk shaped like a horseshoe,

but no luck do I have, of many or few,

my wishes aren't granted, that I can tell,

and my hopes are just that, dreams unfulfilled.


What can I do to spice up my days?

Aggravate my co-workers? Set trashcans ablaze?

Replace the t.p. with leaves from the street?

Gather ice cubes with the balls of my feet?


Knock on their doors and run away quick?!

Smack them with staplers/call them a dick?

Answer the phone with an accent of Cockney?

Pretend every item is a Hawaiin Portkey?


Wear bunny ears like it's the new fashion style?

Smoke candy cigarettes while I process and file?

Barge in on a conference calls and make armpit noises?

Question every single one of their tie choices?


Lounge on the couch from ten to one?

Warming my feet in the bright midday sun?

Bleach my mustach from two to two-fifteen?

Brush my hair/shave my legs the time in between?


Oh what would they do if I went through with it?

Would they ignore me, scold me, or throw a heenie fit?

I'd be okay, whatever may come,

as long as I'm here (or there) having fun!



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