Friday, April 21, 2006

Geographically speaking, of course.

I suck at Geography.

If someone where to ask me - "which way is north?"  I would, inevitably, point up. 

If someone where to ask me - "which is closer - Hawaii or Europe?"  I would, of course, answer that Hawaii is in the United States so it is closer (which is how I picked our honeymoon destination three years ago - and upon telling my hubby my logic, I instantly lost all claim to being "the smart one" in the relationship). 

If someone were to ask me to find, on the map, Washington - I would point towards WV and then, stop and put my other hand on the upper left hand corner.  Now, this is an easy mistake - but it just further cements my hall of fame entry into "Worst Geographically Inclined Person Ever."

The real irony is that I have many friends slowly climbing the Academic Ladder at MU, striving daily to become "Geography People."  I envy these dot-makers and their ability to navigate a strange speckled map and coordinate coordinates with the ease and grace of a roaming gnome.  I would love to be one of these people.

I would also love to be Michael Buble's toothbrush, but that's another entry all together. 

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