Tuesday, April 11, 2006

It MUST be the Car...

When we were barefoot teenagers, my sis and I would cruise around Huntington in a dirt brown Oldmobile.  It was ugly - and not just  "not cute" it was so ugly people would park two spaces down to give it breathing room. 

One day we're sitting at a red light.  I have my rosy toes hanging out of the passenger's window while my cute button-nosed sister is at the wheel.  A carload of boys go by and they stare at us as if in slow-mo.  We stare back - a moment is shared along with a zillion pounds of hormones. 

"They were either looking at us - or the car."  I remarked to Summer and readjusted myself on the tan cloth interior that was stained with the days of the past.

"Must've been the car," she said absentmindedly and then slammed on the gas as the light changed to green and the car filled with the cool breeze of an otherwise stifling summer day. 

"'Cause it couldn't have been us - that they were looking at - huh?"  I said.

She readjusted her seatbelt, gathered her curls up and flopped them over the headrest "Huh?"  she replied. 

I had to explain to her that she just insulted us both by saying that a group of virginal teenagers  would rather ogle our auto rather than our bodies - she looked at my blankly and then erupted into George McFly giggles.

Having a junkheap for a car :  $800

Having Summer as my sis:  priceless

Making fun of her in my blog:  mucho priceless.



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hballs25 said...

Buying an engagement ring: $lots of money

Having a big ceremony: $even more money

Getting a second wife: $more money than you could ever imangine

Telling the world i have two wives and them thinking i am the man: Priceless

Realizing i do not have the bennefits of two wives, just the expenses: Priceless for the two wives, not for me.... it is damn expensive and i can put a price on it...about......my calculator can't add that high.......oh no......check card going to decinigrate.....checkbook empty.......well at least we have eachother :)  Love you both.