Thursday, April 27, 2006

I'm a Mechana-chick!

All day today I've had the peculiar feeling that this date was an important one. I reviewed my mental list of friend's birthdays, anniversaries and even wondered if there was something I "must see" on tv tonight.

Then, it hit me this morning as I sat down at my desk, (already bored off my ever-expanding ass): Today is my dating anniversary with Harry!

Six years!

We've been together four years shy of a decade.

It feels longer.

But in a good way - of course.

For example: I was parked on Main Street in Barboursville last night and was leaving. Merging into the flow of traffic, I flipped on my turn signal to make a right on to Central Avenue.

It began ticking like a bomb - fast and furious.

My tail light was out.

"Mother f'r." I thought to myself as I stared at my crazy flashing green arrow that was winking at me from my dash. Mocking me and my non-ability to let other motorists know my turning intentions!

Pretty odd coincidence that my turn signal stops working the week after Harry self-installed new clear taillights on my vehicle, dont'chathink?

At this point - I'm tired, covered in paint (long story) and pissed all the hell off.

Hopping out of my Escape, I turn on my emergency blinkers and walk to the back.

Sure enough - It's not working.

I can't even hurt Harry at this point - he's in Morefield, WV (Where is that? Hellifino.) so I have to fix it myself.

I took a page out my Daddy Dearest's book and, well, I hit it.


I believe this is the proper method according to "Advance Auto's Guide to Car Repair."

If not - it should be - cuz it totally worked!

I laughed as the little yellow light sprang to life and started blinking in synch with its twin.

I called Harry on his cell: "You were sooo almost in trouble!"


dpoem said...

I once had a heap of a car that had a burnt out front, driver-side signal.  I found this out because I once had to turn on my hazards when I stopped to fix one thing or another, and like a moron, I forgot to turn them off.  As I drove, I began to wonder why everyone kept pulling out in front of me.  

And, congrats on the Dating Anniversary.  That must be a "Girl-thing," huh?  


nonojean3 said...

I had a Chevy Citation (the silver bullet, I liked to call it).  It was a major POS.  It would continue to run after I turned the ignition off.  Then after about 5 minutes you'd hear a thud noise and it'd stop.