Friday, April 21, 2006

Bite my Blog... please?

It was recently pointed out to me that my Vamperella Blog was lacking in - well everything - since I hadn't posted in an eon or two (fifteen days - but the other sounds loads more dramatic) and she was right. 

I have been neglecting my blogs, my writings and my art doodles, all which keep me sane in this mind-numbing life that I sometimes lead.  So - with some prodding by a nifty bud (thanks, Tara!) I have decided - NO MORE! 

I will take time for me and here is my list of things to "do":

1.  Blog everyday - on both blogs - well - 'cept weekends when I must perform "wifely duties" (laundry, picking up man panties, socks, tees, shoes...)

2.  Finish that darn book.  It's not the "Great American Novel" or anything - but it's funny and it's me - that's for darn sure - so - hopefully some agent/publisher will like it enough to take it to the bathroom and read it and not use it as substitute Charmin.

3.  Open up my Bridal Biz with my returning sis.  We have the store, just not the inner-workings.  We just need to find our angle....

4.  Start a family.  I may be anti-babies - but I'm not anti-family - so - there's an inner demon (hopefully not literally) that I will need to confront in a short time.

5.  Quit my job.  Being a receptionist has afforded me three things:  a larger ass, a larger ass, and larger ass.

And if those don't work - then I will hang my writer's hat up, quit blogging, line Phoebe's box with my book and sign up for Taco Bell's midnight shift. 

Let's hope it doesn't come to that...


hballs25 said...

They're Cammo Boxers, not man panties :) i know that this might not make that much of a difference but since i can't drive my car to the virtual internet and clearly look like i am making up for something i still have to at least try to defend my manhood!

h0llyk911 said...


hballs25 said...

Now you have made me do it.......yup here it is the description of the car since i can't post pictures on your blog.......yea now that is manly.....and they are BOXERS!!!! :}

1998 Corvette Z4Z-Indy Pace Car Replica Includes:
RPO's: 21U Radar Blue Exterior, 194 Yellow & Black Sport Seats, 41T Black Top,
PA6-Yellow Wheels, AAB-Memory Package, AG2-Power Seat, B34-Floor Mats,
CJ2-Dual Zone AC, JL4-Active Handling Package, G92 Performance Axle 3:15,
T96-Fog Lamps, UNO-Delco Bose CD
MN6 Six Speed Transmission As A
Unique Feature: Black Leather Steering Wheel and Shift Knob with Neon Yellow Stitching.
The Sport seats and the leather "Boot" which covers the transmission
shift linkage are also stitched in Neon Yellow.

nonojean3 said...

Live the Dream!!!

PS - i'd love to read your book - published or not.

h0llyk911 said...

Responding to hubby's car description below:
You aint foolin' anyone with that car!  
And you wonder why I wanted the PURPLE substitute hubby, huh?!

tenyearnap said...

Cammo Boxers?! HAHAHAHA. Those are Man Panties, for sure. I think I once saw RuPaul modeling cammo boxers with a push up bra.