Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I Hate HTML and HTML Hate Me...

I have been on-line all morning, Google searching, Blogger searching and even commenting on Forums trying to figure out how to post in chronological order on my Vampire Blog.  After THREE GRUELING HOURS of "helpful" suggestions to "just change the date"  (um - NOOOOO!) I finally found a site.

It gives me the HTML codes I so desired.

In Spanish.

Thanks for that.  REALLY helpful!

So I post a fake blog (unlike the vampire one - tee hee) and try it out on it.  I enter in the code, replace html with other html and expect a miracle.

Me thinks I expect too much.

It doesn't post in reverse  - it only posts the first entry first and that's it.  The rest are - POOF - gone.  Eaten by the World Wide Web. 

I'm just not geeky enough to be a computer nerd.

I've tried.

I've failed.

I'm going back to the guitar.  At least then I expect to be bad at it...


astaryth said...

Hmmm.... exactly what are you trying to do with the Vampire blog (which I read <g>)?? Are you trying to have the entries START with the first one you made and go down??? Or are you just trying to add an entry between two entries you already have??? I might be able to help if I know what you are up to......

lurkynat said...

very fetching:)