Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Dr. 25504! Paging Dr. 25504!

"I want to go my own way, to follow the path that seems right to me. Don't think of me as a 14-year-old, since all these troubles have made me older. I won't regret my actions. I'll behave the way I think I should."

~ Anne Frank

Fifty years later and we are all still striving to be independent. Even at 27 I am still fighting the confines of what I "should be doing" versus what I want to be doing. I'm constantly shifting uncomfortably, pushing at the invisible ties that bind me to the girl I'm supposed to be - that all girls are supposed to be - pretty, sweet, non-confrontational, domesticated, maternal - things that I'm not and couldn't be even if I lived in Stepford.

I'm not made that way.

And I suspect that many of you out there aren't either.

So what's a non-conforming gal to do? Feel guilty about my lack of spawn? Feel bad that I'm not a good knitter/crocheter/cook? Apologize profusely for my inability to raise a non-suicidal houseplant? Worry incessantly about the bump in my nose/weird toes/chubby arms/messed up legs/crooked smile/odd tooth/funky and oddly placed birthmark?

I could, I guess.

Or I could easily solve all my problems the good ol' American way.

With plastic surgery and therapy.

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