Sunday, July 1, 2007


After three-plus days of traveling, an unexpected detour to a San Fransisco hospital with an unconcious grandmother, Harry and I are finally home.  Hawaii was gorgeous and we did little more than shop, beach hop and eat like our stomachs were bottomless pits, which, of course, is my ideal vacation! 

Here is just a small excerpt from our trip, but don't worry, I've kept a journal detailing funny incidents from the islands!

"Oh, you want another soda?" the tiny Asian waitress asked Harry.  She smiled at us and we, being born of good manners, smiled back.  That's where the friendliness ended.  "You drink too much soda," she began.  "I had a customer, he drink too much soda.  Ten in one day, and I tell him 'you drink too much soda' and he did and I had a brother, he drink too much soda and he had his - what you call them - eye bags? He had eye bags removed and they no heal.  A year later, they no heal so I told him - you drink too much soda - he diabetic." 

Uh - wha?

Harry stared at her with a frozen smile plastered on his expression.  I continued to nod at appropriate times and pointedly took large gulps of my sugar-laden drink while the petite woman lectured my diet soda drinking husband about the dangers of diabetes.

"Yeah, well, it's a good thing he drinks diet!"  I said loudly, to no avail as she continued on her never-ending tirade.

Finally, she wandered off, still muttering "too much soda... diabetic!"

Harry looked at me and I looked at him, one thought simultaneously ringing from our collective minds : WTF???

It became a catchphrase for the rest of the vacation : "You drink too much soda, you become diabetic!"

On less funny news, Harry's grandmother did faint while our plane began to depart from the terminal.  She was fine, but we still had to be careful with her as we tried to get flights back to our home, which, surprisingly, not many planes want to willingly fly to Huntington, WV. 

And, to load on some more bad news, Phoebe, the perpetually pissed-off Himalayan who enjoys such activities such as sleeping on my head and sneezing in my face in the wee hours of the morning is sick again.  The vet doesn't seem to think that she'll come back from this bought of sickness.  We are to keep her comfy and make sure to squirt more ooey gooey medicine down her throat once a day which leads to her drooling like Hooch from "Turner and Hooch." 

Here is a slideshow of the few pictures I took (don't worry - Harry took OOOOOODLES!):



amy122389 said...

a green stop sign and too much soda?  Has Hawaii gone insane?!  Hee...

Wha....Pheebs?!  She won't bounce back?!  What does that mean?!  (although ew on the Turner and Hooch visual...heh)

Happy you're back!!


oddb0dkins said...

Welcome home. x
Shame about Phoebe, but no wonder she's pissed off.
Look forward to hearing all about the hols.
B. x

ukgal36 said...

great pics..sorry about phoebe

tenyearnap said...

Did Granny drink too much soda, too? I'm glad she is okay.
Give Phoebe a hug for me. --Cin

dpoem said...

Did you see Magnum in his red Ferrari?  What about Rick?  TC?  Higgins?  They hang at the King Kameamea Club.  


princesssaurora said...

What the hell was that thing Harry was holding in bed??  You are a wacky girl!  LOL

Glad you are back!

be well,

lazarai said...

I missed ya, Holly! It seems quiet around here with you AND Gaz on vacation! Sorry to hear about grandma....and poor Phoebe. What is wrong with her that the vet doesn't think she can recover??

I can't wait to see the rest of your photos - Hawaii must have been gorgeous, eh?

Have a good week,
:) Carol

stetsonsfyre said...

(insert eye roll about the waitress here) sounds like Hawaii was lots of fun :)  Sorry grandma was feeling poorly :(  and I'm very sorry about Phoebe being prayer's to both.  Teresa