Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"Posterity" by Summer

And now, another story of toddler woe as told by my sister, Summer:

Gillian is in the habit of stripping off her clothes and presenting her naked self to us (by us I mean anyone who happens to be in the house-or on the back porch, or in the front yard… you get the picture) with great flair. She is very very proud of her ability to make her clothes instantly evaporate. One can be talking to a fully clothed four year old then suddenly, she is naked. The kid is that quick. I know she is too old to be runnin' around 'nakey.' I am fully aware that CPS could very well take her away from me should Gillian disrobe while in the company of the wrong person.

And then there are those days that crazy toddler takes it up a notch. Mom and Dad were watching Gillian while I was at work.

"Mammy!! Look!!" Mom turned around from making dinner in the kitchen. Gillian was, of course, wearing nothing. "Where did your clothes go?" Mom asked her. Gilly threw her hands up and shrugged. "I wost 'em."

"Well, you need to get dressed. You are too big to be naked all the time."

"But wait! LOOK!!" Mom then noticed that my daughter was walking in stilted, halting steps. "Gillian, that's not nice. You know Mammy is sick and can't walk very well."

Gillian giggled and hobbled even closer to Mom. She had a HUGE ornery grin on her lil face and her eyes were dancing. Mom couldn't help but laugh. Then something caught her eye. A wisp of white crossed Gillian's backside. Mom asked her silly granddaughter to turn around. "OKAY!" Gillian exclaimed. She slowly turned her nakedness around and stuck her bottom out. "Look Mammy!! I gots a tail butt!!" "Butt" is pronounced "boo-utt" by my three year old, FYI Drema gasped then cackled. Gillian had nestled a pretty bright white gross-grain (hee hee 'gross' grain) between her nether cheeks. Gillian was pretending to be a cat.  With a tail.  Drema tried to tell Gillian not to put things…there, but they were both laughing too hard.

I wish Mom had taken a picture. Ya know, for posterior-ity!!!!



amy122389 said...

hahahahahha........only the beginning......onlyyyy the beginning..

also, that black toile is awesome... :-P


princesssaurora said...

LOL... She is a true drama girl diva!  And, she has style!  LOL

be well,

gazker said...

At four years old, her taking her clothes off you have nothing to worry about. At twenty four you have!
Gaz ;-)

tenyearnap said...

Never too old to git nakey! Gillian the Cat....I like it. --Cin