Wednesday, July 11, 2007

WAIT for it!

I am having a hard time concentrating on filing and putting things away in a chronological order due to the fact that in just a few hours I will be sitting in a theater watching "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix." 

So - I've been on You Tube and found this video.  Which cracked me up to no end.  I've seen all these pictures before, so no scandal there - but the actual video made me laugh so hard that I almost fell out of my rickety and raggedy office chair. 

Please Enjoy:



amy122389 said...

LOL - it's true...he went from 10 yr old Harry to this hottie-man!  What the heck...


princesssaurora said...

I saw it!!!  10:45 am!!!  It was FABULOUS!!!!  Dan has gotten so hunky.... Fred and George are even getting pretty hot!  I loved it... can't wait for the book.  I will get to do the movie again in a few weeks after the boys come back from camp because Hubby had to work!  Poor him!

be well,

oddb0dkins said...

Harry who? Never heard of him? ;O)
B. x

gazker said...

Dreadfull music to that vid. I think we should call him Hottie Potter!
Gaz ;-)