Sunday, June 17, 2007

That's What I Get For Being Nice...

Today for father's day Harry and I went to the 'rents house to hang out and to give Dad his presents (which consisted of non-knee-high socks and a tee shirt with a squirrl on it that said "Protect Your Nuts") and to watch Gillian splash in the pool. 

Summer is halfway done with Mom's hair 'do (Pollyanna braids much to mom's chagrin) when the squirrels descended.  Three of them ran along the fence looking for their usual peanut butter sandwich, bopped off the top of Gillian's playhouse and then ran up the side of the tree pausing occassionally so I could snap some really wonderful candids of the little nutjobs.  One particularly wonderful shot was a heads up view of one of the squirrels looking down upon me from the tree above. 

I'm only describing the pics because I managed to DELETE THEM!  I thought I copied and pasted them digitally - but nope - I made a folder, popped out the memory card and cleared it for my upcoming trip. Damnit.

Anyway, soon after I snapped the last shot of a disappearing tail, the assault started.  Bits of green chesnuts fell from the heavens as we scattered. 

"I'M TRYING TO MAKE YOU FAMOUS, YOU STUPID SQUIRRELS!  I WAS GOING TO POST YOU ON THE INNNNERNET!"  I screamed as I was pelted with squirrel slobber laced nut bits. 

On a positve note - Harry and I leave soon for Hawaii and I'm planning on being a complete tourista.  I will be wearing dreaded capri pants, annoyingly bright tops, and will be taking pictures of everything that will stand still long enough for me to shoot. And - Hopefully I'll be happier than this hair-challanged soul:


(Who also looks a bit - cross-eyed?  huh?) 

And I'll make sure I don't accidentally delete the card before copying them over to my hard drive.




princesssaurora said...

I hope that you have a wonderful trip.. and get pics of the squirrels another time!

Make babies!

be well,

amy122389 said...

erm.  Hola?  or Aloha?  Eh.  either one.  ::giggle::



gazker said...

I thinks it Aloh Vera, me thinks conditioner is needed! Dont forgert to ask Harry for the 'pearl necklace'. See you in two weeks we are off to Sunny Spain...... Gaz xxxxx

oddb0dkins said...

Have yourselves a spiffing time. B. x