Monday, July 9, 2007

Christmas in July

A little bit ago I ordered a sweatshirt and a can coozie from and was emailed almost immediately by Sandy, the site's owner, to let me know that the oh-so-cute "Writer" sweatshirt I ordered was out of stock.  She offered to refund my money or I could just wait for it to come in. 

I opted to wait.

Every few days Sandy would email me to let me know how the order was coming just so I wouldn't worry.

Then, today, I opened my door and found a box full of goodies all for me!  Sandy had made sure to send me a coouple of extra tidbits for my troubles and I tore through it like a fat kid in an all-you-can-eat candy store.  Which I've been.  Last week. When I got to the end of the box I was very tempted to put it all back in just to open it all up again!  Yes, I'm weird, but I'm from West Virginia, so it's allowed!

So, should you be needing some gear to accompany you on your future literary journeys  - check out Sandy's site and stock up!

                        (Here's a pic of the sweatshirt from the site)


tenyearnap said...

Can coozie? Does that keep your butt really warm or something? A butt parka? --Cin

gazker said...

Ummmmmmmm, you must be from West Virginia. I am not sure how anyone can get excited about a navy blue sweat shirt!
LOLOLOLOLOL...........Sorry Holly, Gaz ;-)

plittle said...

What, exactly, is a "can coozie?" To me, it evokes visions of male masturbation devices.

amy122389 said...

I wanna be a writer toooooooooooo..........  all the 'Number 1 Mom' t shirts are getting old.  Hee...


lazarai said...

Ha - I am a writer, too. I know what a can coozie is....we writers have expanded vocabularies, eh? And cool sweatshirts and stuff. All of which goes to show that good things come to those who wait. That is something I would never know because I have no patience...LOL.

:) Carol

princesssaurora said...

What does it say???  I can't read it!  Cool!

be well,

southernmush said...

Hi !!!!! My name is Monae. I am a new visitor to your journal and so I wanted to come by and say hello. I have to say that I enjoyed reading your entries. From reading your journal I think you are a very interesting person. I do hope that your journal continues and that I am able to get to know you more. I will have to come back and read some of your older entries. I want to thank you for allowing me to come and visit you. Take care and thanks again.