Wednesday, July 18, 2007

NOT cool.

Why it shouldn't rain in Huntington...

I sat in the driveway fruitlessly pushing my garage door opener.  Repeatedly I jammed my pionter finger into the button and waited for the magic of electricity to open the door and grant me access.  I was soaking wet from the monsoon I had just traversed and the puddle in front of the parking garage on Fourth Avenue which really snuck up on me outta nowhere. 

Trying to deny the fact that the block was black and that all the windows in my neighbor's homes were blank and unlighted, I sat in my car, pushing the graying button in hopes that, somehow, my house was spared from the wrath of the wind and rains and that my newfound loves, the tv, the cable box, and my precioussss - my laptop were powered up and waiting for me in my a/c cooled bedroom.

Instead, I moped to the door, used my rusty key (from un-use) in the door and was greeted with hot air and the endless possibility that laid before me.  My evening, in which I'd planned on using to unabashedly soak in a bubbly bath would now depend on me finding candles and, if candles could be found, then where were the f'n matches!!!

So, I returned from the land of the Amish to land in the land of the vampires.

I would've screamed in anger but that would've taken precious strength and air that I didn't have at the moment. 

Two hours later I had wrangled a bag of tea-lights, enough Yankee Candles that I should've bought stock, and a migraine from all the "triple-scented" wicks that were now burning my eyes. 

On that rather cheerful note I will bid you adieu and hope to write more tomorrow, pending any blackouts, cable errors, monsoons, hurricanes, fires, plagues or malfunctioning modems. 




dpoem said...

Ya know.  That shirt really needs to finish that sentence.  


dpoem said...

Oh, by the way, my ex-girlfriend/girlfriend ad nauseum absolutely "looooooves" those glasses.  And, I'm supposed to ask you who makes 'em.  There's a gun pointed at the back of my head, so if you could be snappy with that answer, I'd be forever in your debt.  


amy122389 said...

haaaaaaa........I love that shirt.  You look so freaking cute, I hate you.  (only I don't really hate you...I'm just jealous)

I'm looking forward to the power going out once I'm in my own house.  Except for the whole no A/C thing...


princesssaurora said...

I love that picture!!!  It could be your hubby or HP... very slick!  Enjoy the restored a/c... dang... I would have been pissed too!

be well,

gazker said...

I was wondering what that pointy thing in the first photo was. Do those things carry electricity around town? If they burried em it would'nt fall over right? Or am I being stupid?
Love the T shirt, it should say, I love Harry, but not in those hideous orange and red underpants he wears!
Gaz ;-)

psychfun said...

Well we are getting clobbered with storms now! And more are coming. I have my candles lit already so....

You love Harry what? Hee Hee!

tenyearnap said...

Do your poles there just fall over when they get wet? Like the way nacho chips get soggy under too much refried beans?

oddb0dkins said...

Maybe the T shirt should read "I love Harry - in a blackout". There's plenty of things to do in the dark. B. x