Thursday, May 31, 2007


My cell rang:


"Hi, is this Holly?"

"Yes,"  I said.  I was confused. Who the heck was this?

"This is (some chick) from United Talent Staffing. You put in a resume with us?" the chipper voice said.

"Uh, yeah - four months ago," I said in an incredulous tone.

"Well, we just got around to looking at it - "

I cut her off. "You've had it for four months." I was being a little mean but c'mon - could I really trust someone to find me a job if they couldn't even find someone to call me back in four months?

"Yes," she laughed nervously.  "We found a job for you - have you found full-time employment?"

"Yes, I have," I said.  "Somehow in four months I managed to find a job on my own."

Why would I want someone from an under-staffed staffing service to find me a job?

Ohhhhhh - unless the job was working for them?  hee hee


psychfun said...

Did you listen to see what the job was to see if it was better????

tenyearnap said...


princesssaurora said...

LOL... I wonder what the job was though!  tee hee... I would have been snarky too... its a blonde thing!

be well,

gazker said...

Four months? Ya shoulda said oh sorry, she's dead, I just took over her number! LOLOLOL
Gaz ;-)

jmoqueen said...

LOL four months that's ridiculous!!  If I worked there I would chuck the resume away assuming you had a job lol