Thursday, May 31, 2007

Island of Disaster...

Last night, Harry, Brian (my sister's beau), Tiffany and I headed over to my sister's newly closed on house.  Summer had purchased a wooden island for her kitchen from Big Lots.  For only ninety bucks she got a big box of wooden parts, some pegs and a variety of screws. 

While Brian and Harry lugged in the washer and dryer Summer procured from her old house in VA, Tiffany and Summer set about assembling the island.  I supervised.

Twenty minutes later, thanks to Tiffany's ability to follow directions and Summer's ability to use an allen wrench, they had basically put the whole thing together. 

Then, Harry and Brian descended. 

"Hey" Summer looked at Brian.  "Canyoushovethatothersidein?  Itpoppedout!"  Brian complied by smacking the side of the upside down island as hard as he could, jarring loose every single peg on the side that Tiffany and Summer were clinging to. 

"Oops," he said sheepishly.

Summer and Tiffany managed to get all the pegs back in place and then stood it upright.  A little wobbly, but still - it looked like a nice wooden island.

Tiffany and Summer were proud.

Harry and Brian swooped in, flipped the unit back over and spent the next twenty minutes "fixing" what was wrong with it.  Which, in man-speak is :  "I'm going to tighten every screw until I either strip the head of the screw or make a hole punch out of this cheap screwdriver."

"Well, lookie here," Harry said, holding up the screwdriver, "I made a hole punch!"



princesssaurora said...

Ahh... my hubby makes those out of craftsmans and then he gets to hand them back at the store and get new ones... but they always look at him like he is King Kong during the process!  LOL  I would have just supervised too.

Congrats to Summer!

be well,

amy122389 said...

Ack.  I hate anything that comes with a paper saying 'some assembly required'.  There are always extra screws.  LOL


oddb0dkins said...

Yep, I've got lots of hole punches that used to be screw drivers.
I think you got the best deal - supervising.
B. x

dpoem said...

Everything I touch just has an odd way of exploding.  


gazker said...

I was hoping for a picture of th island, but we are still waiting for a picture of Harrys ghastly man panties!
Gaz ;-)

jmoqueen said...

Typical men LOL but well done to the girls ;-)