Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bookworms - UNITE!

A meme from Cindy who got it from Dawn who got it from...

Recommend 3 books you believe everyone needs to read and say why people should read them.

1.  Everyone must read the Dictionary.  I'm sick of people spelling things horribly wrong and expecting those of us who can string together a reasonable assemblage of letters to decipher. 

2.  "Big Trouble" by Dave Barry.  Yes, THE Dave Barry.  This was his first foray into fiction and I couldn't put it down.  Lemmie put it this way - there are about four different storylines, one of which involves a nuclear bomb and another which dealt with a dog and his battle for the food bowl and the toad that guarded it.  Look for the book with the big croc on the cover. 

3.  "Idiot Girls' Action Adventure Club" by Laurie Notaro.  This is a non-fiction book by a chick but it should not be confused with chick lit.  Do you enjoy listening to horrifying but oh-so-humorous true stories of other's misfortunes?  Of course you do or you wouldn't be on this here blog-o-mine! 

Name three books you’ve never been able to finish and explain why.

1.  "Dune" - sorry Cindy, I'm still trying, though!  I love the concept and I'm such a sci-fi nut that it's only a bit longer before I'm reading the novel on my couch with my eyes glowing a nice pretty blue.

2.  Anything by Laurell K. Hamilton.  There is only so much vampire/werewolf/whatever sex that a gal can read about before she wonders if the undead has it better than she does...

3.  "Bleachy-Haired Honky Bitch" by Hollis Gillespie.  I love her non-fiction tome, but there's only so much honesty I can take in one sitting.  I'm a child of the nineties - mask your feelings! MASK your feelings~!

Name three books you want to read, but haven’t yet.

My shelves are stocked with "to be read" books.  Here's a list of titles:

Fluke, The Starter Wife, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, Citizen Girl, Deception Point, Cooking for Harry (cute title, huh?) , In Her Shoes, Sushi for Beginners, About a Boy, Labyrinth and more!

Are there any books that you’ve loved, but been disappointed by the film/TV adaptation?

"Circle of Friends" was a great book and a good movie, but the addition of Chris O'Donnel was a nice added bonus.

"Devil Wears Prada" - the book had a horrible ending.  Very stuttered and mean and the movie coaxed it into one where the audience didn't feel slighted.  I liked the movie - the book - not so much.

"Big Trouble" by Dave Barry.  One of my favorite books (see above), yet the movie was a bit of a disappointment. But Ben Foster was in it along with "Earl" from "My Name is Earl" on NBC, so all was forgiven.  Oh- and Johnny Noxville, too.  He's funny.  Ya know, when he's not letting serpents bite on his man parts...

Which books (apart from the Potter books) do you re-read the most?

I object to this question and refuse to answer on the grounds that I am a HUGE dork and have reread Harry Potter as well as listened to the audio books many times over.  Holly hath spoken.

Which books do you remember most from your childhood?

"The Icky Picky Sister" - about a girl who didn't like anything.  My family said I was just like her.  Stupid family.  Hmph.

"The Sneeches" - With "stars upon thars" , I wanted a star upon my belly, too. 

"The Baby-Sitters Club" - I was soooo a "Claudia" - but with better grammar skills.

Are there any books that you are proud to say you have read?

I read "The Historian" by Elizabeth Kostova I'm only proud of that because after lugging around the fifteen pound book for three weeks, I finally reached the end and - had new arm muscles to show for it.

Are there any books that you are ashamed to admit reading?

It's hard for me to sit out in public reading some of my Chick Lit books, but I love them so I usually end up snorting out loud and not caring about the weird old man sitting across from me in a waiting room clutching his Newsweek.

Are there any books that have had a big emotional impact on you?  List 2.

Harry Potter for obvious reasons and...

Anything by MaryJanice Davidson.  She writes like people talk.  Until I read her stuff I didn't think you could do that.  And her snark is incomparable to even the snarkiest of snarky people.  Fun word, that "snark" is....

This was fun, thanks Gals!   Go forth and read! 

I'm off to try to snap a picture of Harry in his Leisure Suit...  I'm evil.

But he knew that when he married me.  I mean, c'mon, the flames shooting from the church pews as I walked by should've given him some sort of sign!




psychfun said...

I like this Meme too & plan to do it. I read the Sneetches to my students for the discrimination chapter. Many have never heard it. I like Dave Barry.

My New One:

tenyearnap said...

The Sneeches...that book rocks! The cartoon version is good, too.

Now I must read the Dave Barry book.

Go forth and photograph that leisure suited man.
Snark, Snark!

princesssaurora said...

OMG... I cannot WAIT to see the pic!  LOL  Does he look like Weird Al in that mock rap video?  LOL

I love your meme answers!  Yay!  Dune?  Ew... My son loved it... but I read 3 pages and was like, uh, NO!

be well,

oddb0dkins said...

I like sci fi but I couldn't do Dune either. B. x

gazker said...

Books, I love em, but can't read em in England, only in Spain, when I'm relaxed!
Gaz xx

jmoqueen said...

Interesting answers ~  I've read Sushi for Beginners but not the historian yet LOL