Thursday, May 17, 2007

Is it Friday yet?

Already this morning I've feigned intelligence twice, pretended I knew how to make copies and covered myself with catfood (some even got in my hair).  Who knew that becoming a legal assistant would be this hard?

Tonight I have grand plans, though. GRAND!

Okay, not really.  Mom and I are meeting up to go over the goods for our second yard sale (yes, we really have that much crap).  I've currently been going through my excessive purses, shoes, accessories and old jewelry and have gotten rid of a big chunk of it.  Okay, that's a big ol' lie.  I have problems letting go of my handbags.  Even though some, it's really a wonder I purchased them in the first place!


Okay - off to work!


dpoem said...


You've gone too damn far this time, Holly.  In your previous little post, you said it was Monday, and now you're wondering about Friday!

IT'S THURSDAY!  For god's sake, lady, pull yourself together and buy a calendar!  

Other than that, though, why are you selling your yard?  


jmoqueen said...

Glad work is going okay ~ why did you get catfood in your hair if you wanna be a legal assistant lol??   A yard sale's a good idea ~ I could give you some stuff to sell lol