Sunday, May 20, 2007


Driving along the backroads in Harry's convertible, I try not to think of my troubles.  I shove the thought of work, writing, blogging and dieting to the back of my crowded mind, close my eyes and lean my head back against the bright yellow headrest as we cruise along the streets.

Opening my eyes, I see that we're approaching a tiny bird on the road.  He's eating something from the pavement. 

He'll move, I think as we speed towards the little winged dot. He's not moving!  I realize as we gain on the small creature.  A car in the other lane barrels past us.  I look at Harry and he looks panicked. 



Harry looks panic-striken.  "That was horrible.  I feel bad!"

"It was a bird!  We killed a bird!" I yell to no one in particular. "They're supposed to move!  It's a bird law or something!  They're SUPPOSED TO MOVE!" 

"You didn't see what I saw in my rearview, " Harry said quietly as he downshifted.

"I don't want to know,"  I said.  "It was supposed to fly away."

"Feathers, legs... " he started.  

"I don't want to know!" 

"Have you ever killed a bird before?  With your car?"  he asked me a bit later.

"No!" I said, my voice rising to a pitch not usually used by humans.  "They're supposed to move!"

Now, I'm completely convinced that all birds communicate telepathically and that I will surely get pooped on in the near future: "Hey - look!  Isn't that the girl from the purple car?  Yeah?  AIM!"


psychfun said...

The circle of life. Probably an old deaf or hmm a motion sensative deprived bird. I've had them fly into me. Ugh! I hit 2 cats last year within a very short period of time & I was devistated by it. I had no time to react when they came out into the street. Why do people let their cats just loose like that. This is the lecture Dusty & Country get why they don't get to go outside...even though Country snuck out last 2 weeks ago. I was crying so hard & yelling at God why he made me the one that was to kill them. Then as I thought about it more, I thought things like maybe God wanted someone who would cry for them. Maybe these cats were ferral & they would have given some other cats diseases or had rabies & might have bit someone etc. I have no idea but I guess I can't question it & that it was suppose to happen? That is my toughest thing in life, be it something like this or other problems in life. I'm so sorry you had this happen but maybe it is for the best?

amy122389 said...

My husband has hit 2 birds and one bat.  But only on vacations.  Vacations are bad.  They were all flying through....and did some weird kind of kamikaze thing towards us.  I don't know.

But....they're supposed to move!!!


oddb0dkins said...

Hope it wasn't a magpie, I hear they hold a grudge, and boy are they mean!. B. x

lazarai said...

WHAT??? It didn't MOVE??? When I was 17 (a hundred years ago, or so it feels), my driving teacher said, "Don't EVER swerve to avoid a bird - BIRDS WILL MOVE OUT OF THE WAY, SO DON'T WORRY ABOUT HITTING THEM!!"

OMG, I feel for you guys. It wasn't your fault. It should have moved. So there.

:) Carol

tenyearnap said...

You know what a bunch of crows is called? A MURDER of Crows. You know why? Oh, you'll see....

gazker said...

Me thinks Cin is getting you back with the comments about her blouse. I have to say, I commented on it too.

Two seagulls flying over the beach, 'hey look, that womans wearing a new hat' 'I know, I just spotted it!'

Gaz ;-)

jmoqueen said...

Awww that's terrible.  They do usually move.  Perhaps this bird was hard of hearing and they didn't realise you guys were coming.


plittle said...

I'm telling you, that must have been some damn fine roadkill. Unfortunately, gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins. Don't you worry about that li'l' ol' crow. He's in Hell!

Also, there's an invisible fire breathing dragon in my garage. Would I lie to you?

princesssaurora said...

Ohhhh.. that is so sad... maybe it was blind?  

be well,