Thursday, May 24, 2007

Like Sister, Like Sister...

Courtesy of Summer's Myspace blog, I bring you, "Things you never want to hear from your parents..."

My dad and mom and I were watching the evening news last week.  During one segment an interview was conducted with the chairperson of a local charity.  Mr. Mike Hunt was graceful and charming.  I am sure the interview was as informative and ground-breaking as the news channel promises.  But you know me,  I had a MAJOR ADD attack. "Dad! Dad! Check out the guy's name!!"  My dad is the reigning King of Rude and Crude jokes. I had NO DOUBT he would join in my guffaws.  "OH my God!" he said.  Drema, who would never ever in million trillion years get WHY the guys name was sooo hilarious said, "WHAT? What's wrong with MIKE HUNT?  Why is that funny?" Mom was bewildred and a bit miffed at being left out of what seemed to be a great joke.  Well, I slapped my hands over my ears and my dad about spit out the rest of his teeth he was laughing so hard.  "What?!!   I don't see anything wrong with Mike Hunt.  Mike Hunt is NOT funny!!  Mike Hunt is fine."  I screamed and laughed and told her to stop saying that as I pressed my hands tighter to my ears. I really DID NOT need to hear my mother talk about ... that.  Even accidentally.

Drema was getting beligerent. "Don't tell me what to say!  I can say Mike Hunt if I want to.  I swear!  It's just a name.  There is NOTHING WRONG WITH MIKE HUNT!!" 

Mom tried really really hard to storm out of the room but her rheumatoid arthritis sorta makes her slow on her feet.  Dad and I knew she was angry with us for laughing at her.  She only made matters worse muttering about "Mike Hunt" the whole way out of the room.  I had to suffocate my giggles in a pillow as she passed me.  

I can honestly say that I will never forget that news story OR Mike Hunt. Oh yes, I will treasure Mike Hunt and the many many memories that Mike Hunt has given me for a long, long time.


amy122389 said...

Hee...poor Mike.  I would have kept Michael if'n I was him.  :)


princesssaurora said...

THAT is hilarious.  And, I can just see it...

Holly... remind mom there are a lot of great new drugs to try for her RA if what she is on isn't helping.

{{[ hugs }}}

be well,

gazker said...

Holly, I read the name and knew, where this was going. We were in IKEA one Sunday and over the tannoy we heard, 'Will MIKE HUNT, please go to the childrens ball room' There was a deathly silence, then 500 people in line at the checkouts started sniggering!

I don't think your two commenteers, really got the joke, do you?

Gaz ;-)

jmoqueen said...

LOL that's a good one ~ her poor mother.


tenyearnap said...

There's nothing wrong with mine, either.