Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Write or Wrong

Last night I sat down to write out an outline for a new story idea I had. I knew that I wanted to write about a love triangle but not the typical "Girl meets bad boy, girl meets good boy and just can't choose" and we all know she will end up with the cuddly librarian rather than the sleek-suited lawyerman with the silver tongue by page four. I wanted it to be real. So I wrote ten pages in a row, no editing, no backspacing, just writing until I realized - it was boring as hell.
So I closed out without saving.

This is how I've been for a year now.
Writing, flowing, brainstorming, editing and, ultimately, deleting it all.

So now I ask of you - what do you read or want to read?
What's not been written that you want to be written?

Just curious...


Dawn said...

Ahhh the answer would be the book that I am still in the beginning of that I am writing. I have about 1/4 typed, and 1/2 written in a scribbled notebook... I need to just DO IT. lol

Anonymous said...

Mmm let me think I love to read when I get a chance which is not as often as I want with the kids school and work.Right now I am reading The sisterhood series that Fern Michals wrote. Women kickin ass to right a wrong and still have time for love.

Summer said...

I wanna read about four friendly crime fightin strippers!!!!!!!!