Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Curbing your Appetite

It was a day like any other day. I was hungry. It was 9am and I was impatiently waiting for lunch. Since I had a good three hours to come up with something so appetizing it would make the rest of the afternoon speed by, I considered all my options and listed pros and cons in my already filled-too-full brain.

So, logically, I choose Taco Bell.

Unfortunately, so did the girl in the dark green Pontiac Grand Am in front of me.

I pulled in behind her in the drive thru, ignoring the fact that she had obviously pulled in at a very unnatural angle and then watched as she slowly rolled her back tire and rim over the first curb. Feeling embarrassed for her, I did not gape at her through my opened window but instead concentrated on finding the "Mamma Mia" soundtrack on my Ipod.

But as she pulled up to the window I cringed as I watched her wedge the relatively unscathed door panel against the bright yellow pole and then curb her rim again.

I could barely contain my horror as she then grabbed her carb-laden food from the hand of the Taco Bell Staffer and peeled off - rocking her tiny car again by slamming it into the next torturous curb.

Apparently she received her license at "Rock-em-Sock-em Bumper Cars."

Needless to say I gave her plenty of space when I pulled up behind her at the light to exit on to Route 60 lest she confuse my SUV with a high curb that needed to be climbed!


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Dawn said...

Or she was pms-ing and nothing was going to get between her and her tacos!!

be well...