Monday, October 6, 2008

Vacation Day One

Hi all!

We've made it to MD and went shopping at some outlets, drove too far to eat at an Italian joint and then spent the night trying not to kill each other over too-fluffy pillows, a blanket that wouldn't stay put and the thermostat!

However, we're still alive and have just filled up on a lovely carb-filled and FREE breakfast of bagels, sausage, bacon, pop tarts, eggs, potatoes and cheese and other lovely sugary and starchy combos!

Now we're off to drive the rest of the way to the Big Apple of New York and hope to make it there in one piece. However, seeing as how we're in the "Executive Center" right off of the lobby and I've managed to fumble the one job I had to do (stapling together the Mapquested pages) by lodging a staple in the stupid stapler I don't see me surviving.  So if one of you happen to be driving by the Interstate between MD and NY and see a lone, sad, chubby gal in an unfortunate outfit of red sweater and bright blue tank, please stop and offer her a ride 'cause she may have just gotten kicked out of a moving SUV!



oddb0dkins said...

I dunno, girls and maps!  Tch! ;O)

B. x

amy122389 said...

maps.  they make me cry.


lazarai said...

What's with those too-fluffy pillows anyway? Who in the heck can sleep with one of those things - they put your neck/head at a completely un-natural angle. LOL I end up leaving clothes at home just to have enough room to bring my pillow with me!!

Hope you're having some fun by now!!

:) Carol