Friday, October 31, 2008

What's the Opposite of a Drug Pusher?

After a rather hectic day yesterday where I awoke late, had a horrible hair day, walked into a pile of work and then got blocked in to the parking lot by a doctor that couldn't be bothered with finding an actual space to park her damn car, I actually welcomed today as a day off.
Even if it did mean subjecting myself to the horrors of oral surgery.

Fortunately for me, but rather unfortunate for my readers, things went off without a hitch and I am now one less Wisdom tooth than I was this time yesterday. I arrived right on time, waited for a short period, didn't even balk at the IV (I know - what happened to my severe needlephobia, right?) and woke up an hour later a lot numb and a little sore.

So now I'm only have two problems.
1. My urine smells like a doctor's office (maybe due to the IV? dunno...)
2. And Harry seems to think that taking my pain pills every three hours as directed is the correct way to dispense my medication! Whatevs!
(sorta #3 - instead of not being able to eat much I have instead been eating on the left side and have been hungry as a whole table full of Hungry, Hungry Hippos. Only instead of gobbling up tiny pellets of white I have been chomping on soup, pasta, biscuits, and anything else I can get my chubby little hands on while mushing them up and shoving them carefully into the back of my left cheek!)

Plus this whole oral surgery thing has been killing the vegetarian streak I've been on! After some particularly horrible encounters with improperly cooked, seasoned, cut meat I gave it up for about a month now.

However, don't get me wrong. I shall not soon be buying hemp bras and shouting "fur is murder!" at every clueless Ugg-boot wearer that passes by, but I have become more selective. I am more a "Selectetarian" rather than a Vegetarian. And I'm loving the cookbook "How to Cook Everything Vegetarian." With pages filled with a complete listing of sides to desserts - it's a great place to find something that will tickle your fancy while leaving the carnivorous part of you only slightly wanting.

Anyhoo - Harry's gone out to get me some gravy and biscuits (I AM WV'ian after all) and we're two hours into "The Good Shepherd" which is kinda like the movie "Breech" - long and boring. But Harry's enjoying it and since he was the one who had to go through the pain of dealing with me after the pain of dealing with my surgery - I guess he deserves it, right?

Have a great weekend everyone and send happy "non-dry-sockety" thoughts my way!!!


Dawn said...

It sounds like your experience has been pretty good! Yay for you! More prayers coming. My wisdom teeth ordeal - all 4 removed at once, 2 impacted, under anesthesia, like you - was a horror story. In fact, having 32 hours of labor and THEN a c-section was better than that! LOL

be well...

Saltydawg said...

Oh My, a selective vegatarian huh? I'm one of those and have been for years. I gotta few good recipes to if ya like? None of the rootsy pulse crap either ;-)
Gaz x

Anonymous said...

I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled at once. They were impacted under anesthesia, horrible experience. Give me 48 hours of hard back labor any day LoL.Sending prayers your way..

julie dial said...

god whatever you do do not drink from a straw!!!