Sunday, October 12, 2008

Back in the Hills of WV

We're back from vacation and BOY am I exhausted!
Even today's activities of sitting on a couch, laying on a couch, eating on a couch, watching tv from the couch and laying back down on a couch was just too much.  I need to take another week off of work to recoop!   :)

Anyhoo - I will have many more details to post later - as well as a few pics - I took very very few since most of the NY spots we visited had strict "NO PHOTOGRAPHS!" signs everywhere and I will also be posting a very detailed post on my two "Equus" experiences.  Some may not be for all eyes but goshdarnit had I not made it to see Daniel Radcliffe in his b-day suit I'd want a more accurate description than "not too big," ya know?  So fair warning on that front, k?

As for when I'll be posting this blog it will more than likely occur after I move this blog to its new home.  I'm planning on tackling that move tomorrow since the big "announcement" occurred right before my vacation and I had no patience to even TRY to attempt a journal relocation when my mind was filled with packing all the necessities - which I did - the only thing I forgot was lotion - so 'scuse me if some of my pics are a bit scaly - k?


I'm off to bed now and I will be sure to let you all know where my new www.home with be.   I have started my own website so I'm thinking about starting fresh from there or figuring out how to point a blog from there to my new blogger blog (which won't really be new it will be this one - wait - what?  I even lost myself on that thought!  :)  ).  So - if anyone has any ideas - I'm open!

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dpoem said...

There is an option in the Blogger settings where blogger will host your blog if you've got your own website.  I think you just select the "custom domain."

So, you know, look into that.  


oddb0dkins said...

You lost me on that last paragraph but, seeing as I have an unused website at the mo, as well as my new blogger blog, I'll be interested to see how the two can work together.
Welcome home BTW.

B. x

Laura said...

I'm confused. Maybe I should just go to bed! Good night.

Lazarai said...

I'm here to visit you....are you staying here, or what? I'm confused too. But happy to see you!!

:) Carol

Linda said...

I am looking forward to seeing the pics! Linda

Indigo said...

Love the webpage...and I'm NOT confused *winks*. Welcome to this side of the blogsphere hon. (Hugs)Indigo

Dawn said...

Me wanty nakey Dan info!!!!

be well...